John L. Ferrari – Chairman of the Board, President
John has been involved with all facets of Ferrari Family Enterprises for 38 years. As chairman, he oversees all of Ferrari Family Enterprises. He, along with the other members of the Board, is invested in all aspects of the firm’s management, vision, direction and acquisitions. John graduated from Valparaiso University with a degree in History. He served the United States in the Army during the Vietnam War. He still holds his brokers license in the state of Illinois. He has served on the boards of numerous national associations and non-profit organizations.


Barbara Ferrari – Secretary of the Corporation and the Board
Barbara graduated from Barat College with a degree in Economics. After a short stint as a teacher, Barbara rejoined her brothers and the family business. Her management skills and flexibility to adapt has been an indispensable asset for growth during the last 25 years. Barbara is entrusted with the management and coordination of all accounting activities and staff. She works directly with third party service providers regarding audits, payroll and all other activities related to Abart Properties’ financial obligations.


Arthur J. Ferrari Jr. – Managing Director of the Corporation, Treasurer
Arthur Jr. graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a degree in Economics. Arthur Jr. oversees the daily operations of Ferrari Family Enterprises. As the leader of the Acquisition Team, he facilitates and orchestrates directives during the acquisition process for underwriting and investigation into prospective opportunities. Arthur Jr. works directly with the commercial brokers and Abart Properties’ counsel to formulate and close all acquisitions. Arthur Jr. also manages the cooperative efforts during ownership transitions to ensure all of Abart Properties’ investments are properly coordinated with Nova Management and its network of professionals for leasing, construction and architecture.


Arthur J. Ferrari III – Director of Finance
Arthur Ferrari III is the Director of Finance for Abart Properties. A recent graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Global Business Financial Management, his experience of being the third generation in commercial real estate and interning for global companies like CB Richard Ellis has honed his ability for application. He specializes in software systems such as Argus, Co-Star, MRI and Excel. Utilizing these systems, combined with third party research, Arthur III has the ability to forecast realistic returns from offering memorandums that Abart has been presented from outside brokerage houses. Arthur III’s analysis and his auditing of investment packages combined with the timely assessment of loan pricing and terms allows Abart to arrange appropriate financing prior to entering into a purchase contract. Arthur III’s contributions are vital to determining the feasibility of Abart Properties’ equity placement.